I created this blog to showcase creative ways to “freecycle” common household items, clothing, and even food. Sure, lots of sites already embrace the DIY movement and offer masterful ways to transform or rework such items, but I also enjoy the challenge of re-purposing without spending more money than it would cost to buy something new.

Case in point: cat trees. You know, those little (or sometimes quite large) perches covered in carpeting and scratchy rope for cats to climb up on? They fetch a steep price at pet supply stores and online. The project looked simple enough, and I was determined I could construct my own on the cheap. Two trips to the hardware store, $60, and one blazing hot Fourth of July spent outside on the deck winding prickly sisal rope around and around a wooden base later, I had a sturdy cat tree capable of supporting my finicky feline. Fortunately, Winston the cat loves his perch and uses the scratching post (instead of the leather sofa) several times a day. Unfortunately, I spent more money and time than I would have just buying a scratching post from the store.

I welcome any project suggestions you may have! If you or someone you know has a clever way to rework common items, let me know and I may feature your ideas on this blog. You can e-mail me your project suggestions at rmoul180@yahoo.com.

Keep reworking it wonderful,




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