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To DIY or Not to DIY?


As rewarding and inexpensive as it can be to rework something yourself, sometimes it’s just not worth the time and inevitable headache that comes from taking on a big project.InfographicImage

This site provides a good guide for determining whether or not a project is worth doing yourself: What Projects Should Never Be DIY

In short, if you need lots of tools you don’t already own, water/electricity/heavy materials are involved, you don’t have significant amounts of time to spend on the project, or you’re not an expert plumber/mechanic/welder/builder, it’s probably best to let someone with experience handle it.


Reworking Gift Guide


Whether looking for an eco-friendly gift or just searching for a unique present for the person on your list who has it all, reworked and recycled gifts can help you give without giving up on your budget.

Pinterest and are hugely popular sites for DIY gift inspiration. The best part? Users are quick to offer recommendations and point out when a project is difficult to do.

The 36th Avenue is a blog full of clever and easy-to-make gift ideas, particularly for Christmas.

No time to DIY? No problem. Lots of recycled, reworked gifts are available for reasonable prices online.


Uncommon Goods is great website for finding creatively reused gifts.

Hipcycle is one of my favorite websites for finding recycled gifts. There is a large selection of well-designed yet affordable products including housewares, clothing & jewelry, furniture, and office supplies. Check out what they create with spare bike parts!