Wrist Rest


Anyone who’s ever sat at a computer all day knows how uncomfortable your wrists and back can feel after a while. Proper posture and support are necessary to prevent painful repetitive stress injuries.

The project below quickly solves the problem of sore wrists while typing. Thanks to my friend and fellow office employee, Rebecca Hoetger, for the guest post!

You’ll need a foam mouse pad, scissors, and super glue for this project.

Fold the mouse pad in half, and trim it to fit the area on your desk where you’ll use the mouse.

Seal the edges of the folded mouse pad using the super glue, and allow it to completely dry. For a thicker wrist pad, add an extra piece of foam inside for more support. Once dry, the wrist pad is ready to use.

For less practical, more devious ways to reuse office supplies, check out “Extreme Office Crafts”available here: http://books.google.com/books/about/Extreme_Office_Crafts.html?id=YnOJFoJ_akIC


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  1. This is a cool way to reduce stress on your body while at work. I’ve heard of people standing up all day or sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair. Like Dwight in The Office

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