The Teacher Gift


If you’re a parent of school-age children, you’ve likely been faced with the task of finding a gift for your child’s teacher more than once. Read below for an A+ way to show your thanks and recycle.

Thanks to my guest blogger, Rebecca Campbell, a certified super mom of 3, wife, graduate student, and reworker, for this week’s problem-s0lving post!

The Teacher’s Gift

I have plenty of friends who are teachers.  It is somewhat humorous to hear them discuss the gifts they receive from their students at the holidays:  Another neck tie, scented candle, or body lotion. My one friend joked about opening a candle store with all the candles she had received over the years that were now in a closet. 

Taking the subtle hint, my children’s teachers will not be receiving any of the above items.  I have to admit that it bothers me when autumn arrives and the plants that I have so tenderly nurtured over the summer go to waste over the winter months. This year they are all getting a bit of spring early…..ok, it really is leftover summer. 

Supply list: 

  • Empty coffee cans from recycle bin
  • Hammer and nail 
  • Hand shovel 
  • Yard plants 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Ribbon 
  • Bright window

Step One: 

Rescue an empty coffee can from the recycle bin. With the hammer and nail punch holes in the bottom of it.  Holes are necessary for drainage of water and aeration. 

coffee can

 Step Two:

Locate plant and removal all flowers, leaves, mulch and debris from the plant.  It is a good time to trim the plant check it for insects.


 Step Three:

Fill bottom of coffee can with a small amount of dirt.  Clear away mulch from plant base.  Dig around the base of the plant with hand shovel and make sure you get a good amount of root. Put plant in coffee can and fill the rest of the can with dirt. Water the plant.


Step Four:

Wrap can and plant in sheet of aluminum foil.

can with foil

Step Five:

Add ribbon. Place in sunny window.

plant with ribbon

The plant will go through a bit of shock.  Keep it watered and it bounce back and look great for the Holidays.

What do you usually give teachers as a thank-you gift? Share your comments below.


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