Magazine Madness


If you profess to having any sort of hobby or special interest–be it cooking, cars, crafts, cats, or even Kardashians–odds are you’ve had a magazine subscription or two or three at one point. And even if you don’t have a subscription, it’s pretty likely there’s a stack of old magazines taking up space somewhere in your residence. My personal collection of Bon Appetit puts any dentist’s office to shame.


What to do with all the piles of periodicals? They’re easy to recycle, donate to local libraries or trade with friends, but more fun to rework!

High-quality, glossy images make magazines the perfect source for craft projects. Here are some of my favorite ways to rework magazines:

  • Fold a large piece of white or colored poster board in half lengthwise to form a giant card. Decorate the inside with cutout photos of flowers, animals, foods, or other cheerful images. Add a message inside the card, and write a friend’s address in large print using a permanent marker on the front of the card. You’ll need to take it to the post office to mail it, but because postage is based on weight, your friend will receive an unforgettable greeting for less than $1.
  • Strips of magazine pages rolled up or folded and glued into long “reeds” are a sturdy and versatile way to create mats, baskets, bowls, or even umbrella holders.
magazine bowl

Originally from Patricia Zapata, author of “A Little Hut”




Colorful magazines and several sizes of paper punches can make dramatic wall art in minutes.



What do you do with old magazines? Share your ideas in the comments section.


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  1. After doing several bulletin boards and finding them challenging, the butterfly application is very intriguing. Finding interesting paper can be time and money consuming. Great use!

  2. When i was a little kid, my older brother built me a GI-Joe command center using stuff he cut out from old magazines. He took a cardboard box, turned it on its side and turned it into a pretend headquarters. He cut out pictures of stereo equipment and television sets and glued them to the inside walls so they looked like computers or elaborate communication tools. It was way cool.

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