Welcome Fall!


William Cullen Bryant called autumn ” . . the year’s last, loveliest smile.”  I couldn’t agree more. I adore this time of year, especially here in Pennsylvania and further up the East coast. As someone who anxiously awaits the blissful crunch of crimson leaves, the slight chill in the air, and anything flavored with pumpkin, it’s no surprise I’m ready to rework summer clothes for fall. Sometimes my impatience shows, as evidenced by my insistence to serve hot caramel apple cider to a handful of visiting relatives when it was still 80 degrees outside. But temperatures are dropping, and it’s officially time to transition from T-shirts to more seasonally appropriate attire.

Naturally, I already have a drawer full of thick wool and hand-knitted scarves, but wrapping one of those serious wind-repellers around my neck now is pushing it . . . even for me. September beckons for a lightweight version, and the artsy knit scarf created by Ashley on the uber-cool blog, “Make It Love It,” certainly fit the bill. The project calls for two 80″ pieces of cotton knit, not something I usually have just sitting around. But what I do have is a huge collection of cotton/blend T-shirts, and a few with which I’m willing to part.

Depending on the size of the T-shirt, you may need more than one. Don’t worry about using the same color; it’ll make it even more unique!  The key is to using shirts made from the same material or same combination of materials (e.g., 95% cotton, 5% nylon).

T-Shirt Scarf

You’ll Need:

Solid Color Cotton or Cotton Blend T-Shirt (one size L or XL is plenty big enough, smaller or fitted shirts may require two)

Fabric Scissors

Sewing Machine and Thread

1. Cut the body of the T-shirt horizontally into long pieces, each measuring the width of the shirt by 6 inches. You should have 2-3 large loops of material. Cut the loops in half to create 4-6 rectangular pieces, each 6 inches high by approximately 18 inches wide (the width will depend on the size of the T-shirt).


If you don’t have an old solid color T-shirt handy, try visiting a consignment shop; many of them have sections with free items. T-shirts of every color can also be purchased at craft stores like A.C. Moore for under $3.

             T-shirt cut up

2. Stitch  the pieces together, short end to short end, to form 2 pieces of material, each approximately 72-80 inches long.

3. Out of the remaining material, cut 28 1-inch by 6-inch strips. You can stack the material and cut multiple strips at the same time.

t-shirt and strips

Stitch the rectangular pieces into 2 very long pieces.

4. Arrange 7 strips as shown below on the end of one piece of material and pin into place. The strips will probably start to curl; pin the strips so the curled edges face outward for a more interesting design.

Pinned strips

5. Secure the strips by stitching down the middle of each one. I used contrasting thread for more interest.

sewn strips

6. Repeat this process on the opposite end of the piece, and then again on the other piece of material.

7. Lay the two long pieces of material together, wrong sides (with the strips) facing outward, and stitch around all sides.

8. Trim any uneven edges.

Optional: Add additional strips of fabric, buttons or rosettes made from leftover material to dress up this scarf even more.

You’re now ready to wear a custom-made, lightweight fall fashion accessory!

finished scarf


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  1. What a great idea! I have more old t-shirts then I know what to do with. Every track meet and cross country race had a T-shirt and they all just sit in the drawer. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great recycling and excellent use of photos. If my wife reads this she’ll probably claim a few of my old favorite shirts for this project.

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